Bateman Bird Necklace by Little Gold


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This beautiful necklace is a collaboration between the Bateman Foundation and Little Gold Jewellery. The delicate bird pendant is modelled after the a red-winged black bird from one of Robert Bateman’s paintings- it’s also the bird used in the Foundation’s logo! Wear your Bateman pride and love for art and nature with this one of a kind piece, exclusively available through our Gift Shop.

The Bateman Bird Pendant is gold vermeil and is 1″ across with an 16″ gold fill chain.

Gold vermeil (‘ver-may’) is a heavy, long-lasting layer of 14k gold over sterling silver. Gold fill is a durable, affordable alternative to solid gold. It is a thick layer of gold pressure-bonded to another metal. With proper care, both gold fill and gold vermeil pieces will last a long time.

Little Gold- Drawing inspiration from art, symbolism and places both real and not, Little Gold believes that each piece has a story, a history waiting to be made. Since 2013, Little Gold’s jewelry has been thoughtfully made in Victoria and Jaipur to become your new everyday favourites and well-worn pieces. Each Little Gold piece is designed by Steph Shannon in their Victoria, BC studio.

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