Beginners Guide to B.C. Bird Song – 2 CD set by John Neville


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Beginners Guide to B.C. Bird Song: 2(CD)set

Immerse yourself into a soundscape of birdsong…

In honour of BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists), this is a joint collaboration between Mel Coulson and John Neville. They have presented the bird songs of 84 species in eight easy lessons, with the goal to assist people of all ages to recognize the bird songs around them. Backyard birds, forest, marsh and grasslands of B.C. are all included. Where birds have a regional dialect, such as song sparrows and golden-crowned sparrows, they have given examples. There is a short quiz at the end of each lesson to help in the learning process. This two CD set provides an easy format for naturalists to make their own presentations and increase awareness in their community. John & Mel hope that naturalist clubs around the province will assist to present the B.C. soundscape to adults and students alike.

Also included are a few birds that only experts can identify, in order to alert beginners to the more difficult challenges and allow them to exercise caution when identifying flycatchers and some alpine species.

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