Canada Geese with Young – Signed Artist Proof Print by Robert Bateman


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Canada Geese with Young
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Artist Proof Print 11″ x 18.5″

Edition Size: 950

“With Canada geese, both parents are involved in rearing the young. The parents stay together
season after season.  It has been said that if one of the pair dies, the other will not mate again.
The gander and goose have different roles. He is the sentinel and defender while she sits
on the eggs and generally stays near the young after they have hatched.

In this painting, I have tried to show these roles by the position of the adult birds. She has a
curved neck and is a little more nurturing and demure in her pose. He is alert with his
ramrod-like neck and almost militant pose. The young, of course, are not yet at the stage
of role playing. They are simply enjoying being young.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Canada Geese with Young, 1986)

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