Deep Winter – Wolves – Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print by Robert Bateman


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Deep Winter – Wolves
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print 24″ x 48″

Edition Size: 99

“One thing is certain, man is but a single strand in the web of life but humans are messing up the web. In the real scheme of things nature is very large and also very mysterious. Our little brains cannot ever fully understand her. We move through the natural world, usually in a state of oblivion. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred we are unaware of being observed.

As in all of my paintings I try to capture a moment in time … a moment that could have happened. I have imagined standing in a high elevation coniferous forest on a snowy moonlit night. In fact, the forest in question is at the Mount Washington Ski Resort in the middle of Vancouver Island. This area received more snowfall than any ski resort in Canada in this particular year. Although, of course, I did not see the wolves, I imagined a wolf pack, moving like shadows across the snow. Since I was very still and hidden, the wolves did not see me. But at the last moment the lead wolf sensed my presence and looked my way.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Deep Winter – Wolves – 2011 – 24″ x 48 Oil on Canvas)

PLEASE NOTE – canvas is shipped rolled & unstretched.

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