Gallinule Family – Signed Artist Proof Print by Robert Bateman


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Gallinule Family
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Artist Proof 16″ x 27″

Edition Size: 56

“Although not often seen by the general public, the common gallinule is one of the commonest and most widespread marsh birds in North America and Europe. In England it is called the moorhen and seems to be more abundant and visible than the North American version.

The gallinule is a weak flyer and prefers striding along over matted aquatic vegetation on large lobed toes. He is related to the coots and rails. The babies have a clown-like look with their black fuzz and bare patches of red and blue skin.

The composition of this picture was inspired by Japanese art. I like the way the flamboyant iris leaves and flowers create a pattern against the flat background of water.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Gallinule Family – 1981 – 16″ x 28″ Acrylic)

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