High Camp at Dusk – Signed Artist Publishers Print by Robert Bateman


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High Camp At Dusk
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Publishers Proof 19.75″ x 33.5″

Edition Size: 20

“We had been riding steadily upward for three days. Our top camp was a beaver meadow – a lush, natural pasture grown up on the silt deposited behind a long forgotten beaver dam. It was the peak of a high country summer, resplendent with flowers of many kinds.

The trip had been done in the old-fashioned way with the rancher, his wife and two wranglers. We had 21 horses in our string. The equipment was time-tested and nonplastic even to the cotton duck tipi-shaped tents. It was like an old cowboy movie with clear rivers, waterfalls, flowery meadows, sweet scented forests and snowy peaks.

In the evening the wranglers spread out the horses across the meadow and tethered them for the night. Stillness and peace descended like the dew. We quietly swapped stories around the campfire. In the thicket a twig snapped. Perhaps the wild animals of the high valley were watching us.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting High Camp at Dusk – 1981 – 24″ x 42″ Oil)

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