Hummingbird Necklace by Little Gold


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Drawing inspiration from art, symbolism and places both real and not, Little Gold believes that each piece has a story, a history waiting to be made. Since 2013, Little Gold’s jewelry has been thoughtfully made in Victoria and Jaipur to become your new everyday favourites and well-worn pieces. Each Little Gold piece is designed by Steph Shannon in their Victoria, BC studio.

The Hummingbird Pendant is gold vermeil and is 10mm across with an 18″ gold fill chain.

Gold vermeil (‘ver-may’) is a heavy, long-lasting layer of 14k gold over sterling silver. Gold fill is a durable, affordable alternative to solid gold. It is a thick layer of gold pressure-bonded to another metal. With proper care, both gold fill and gold vermeil pieces will last a long time.

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