Lions at Dawn – Signed Artist Proof Print by Robert Bateman


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Lions At Dawn
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Artist Proof 22″ x 29.25″

Edition Size: 76

As the sun moved above the horizon it first touched the tops of the scrub thorn bush. Then, as it picked out the tips of the grasses, it fell across a golden group . . . lions quietly cleaning up the last of their evening feast. On the previous afternoon, we happened upon a freshly downed wildebeest. The lionesses, exhausted from the chase, were lounging about in no hurry to begin the banquet. Because of the absence of hyenas in the area, there would be little risk of interruption. Since the prey was dispatched by suffocation, there was no mess or gore.

When we returned with the first light of dawn, five lions were just leaving the scene but three remained, cleaning up some of the last bits. The dramatic side lighting defined the sculptured shapes of muscles and tawny fur. The moment was brief, but we will never forget that golden group.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Lions at Dawn – 1975 – 38 x 48 Acrylic on Masonite)

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