Loon Family – Signed Artist Publishers Print by Robert Bateman


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Loon Family
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Publishers Proof 16.5″ x 18.25″

Edition Size: 950

“To millions of people, loons symbolize the clean, remote wilderness. It is partly the familiar sight of the elegant silhouette, but mainly the haunting cry. Those of us who visit lake country in the summer consider this an important part of the experience.

Since the age of eight, I have returned to a particular lake every summer. In those days, motor boats were relatively rare and low-powered. The loons were the noisiest things on the lake, but we all loved it. Now insensitive types with more motor power than brains occasionally harass the loons. The adults can easily escape, but the little chicks may die of exhaustion in their efforts to dive. On one occasion, we were delighted to see at least five power boats rush out from cottage docks to surround one such offending boater and stop the harassment.

Now, of course, our lake is threatened by acid rain produced by industries to the west of us. It is happening. The fish population is declining as the acidity rises. In time there will be no food for the loons, and our lake will be dead. Let us hope that powerful forces will come to the rescue in time. In this painting I wanted to show the wonderful clear blue, tranquil world that nurtures and supports our family of loons.” Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Loon Family, 1979)

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