Mindful Vision, Birgit Freybe Bateman – Hardcover



An exhibition of almost 70 photographs by a Canadian photographer Birgit Freybe Bateman was shown  at the Stroganoff Palace of the Russian Museum (June 2 and August 30, 2011).

Entitled Mindful Vision, the photographs examined themes of colors and textures, nature and its patterns, and people.  Birgit Freybe Bateman explores the extraordinary in the ordinary using a camera as a means to create art. She often captures contrasts that exist in many parts of the world between well-worn ancient structures and the plastic artificial objects of our contemporary society.  Her images reveal the infinite variety of shape, form, line, texture and pattern of both the man-made and the natural world.

Mindful Vision, Birgit Freybe Bateman – Hardcover

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