Nightfall – Eagle Owl – Signed Limited Edition Print by Robert Bateman


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Nightfall – Eagle Owl
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Limited Edition Print 13.875″ x 27.75″

Edition Size: 650

“It is in the remnants of the great forests of northern Europe that its largest owl, the eagle owl, may be found, with its range extending into Russia and Asia. The crepuscular eagle owl is very much like the North American great horned owl in appearance and size. Both species can reach two feet in height, although the eagle owl is generally slightly larger. The main difference between the two species can be seen in the eyes of the eagle owl, which are a rich orange, unlike the yellow catlike eyes of the great horned owl.

A solitary creature, the eagle owl is most active at dawn and dusk, those transitional hours when the daylight is faint and his vision keen. Until then, he bides his time, like a statue high above the landscape looking sternly into the shadows.

When looking for owls in their favourite roosts you really seldom see them. As birds of the night they, of course, prefer sheltered, dark areas. This is why I placed the owl off to one side with the twisting branches of the ancient Caledonian pine as the most visible thing in the composition. Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Nightfall – Eagle Owl – 1990 – 15″ x 30″ Acrylic on Masonite)



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