Sea Otters A Survival Story by Isabelle Groc – Hardcover


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Foreword by Dame Judi Dench & David Mills.

“In this beautiful book, Isabelle tells us an important story, one that gives us hope…Young people will be encouraged to see that positive change can happen, and that we can all do something to help preserve our planet.” – Dame Judi Dench

“Isabelle Groc’s Sea Otters: A Survival Story is a delight―and not just because sea otters are a delight. The book is accessible, well researched, informative and very attractive. All ages will enjoy this book.” – Robert Bateman

“A good book for students who are interested in animals, the environment, or who just love sea otters…It would be a worthwhile addition to collections serving upper elementary and middle school students.” – School Library Connection

Sea otters once ruled the Pacific Ocean, but the fur trade of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought this predator to near extinction. Today they’re slowly coming back from the brink, and scientists are learning more about their pivotal role as one of nature’s keystone species. This book looks at the history, biology, behavior and uncertain future of sea otters. Author and photojournalist Isabelle Groc takes us into the field: watching sea otter rafts off the British Columbia coast from a kayak, exploring what makes their fur coats so special, understanding how their voracious appetites are helping kelp forests thrive and, ultimately, learning how sea otters are leaving their mark (or paws) on every part of the ecosystem. They might be one of the most adorable creatures in the ocean, but kids will discover how their survival is key to a rich, complex and connected ecosystem. Nonfiction for ages 9-12.

9″ x 7.5″ | 128 pages | ISBN 9781459817371

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