The Osprey Family -Signed Limited Edition Print by Robert Bateman


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The Osprey Family
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Limited Edition Print  20″ x 29.5″

Edition Size: 950

“Those of us who are excited by the world of clear, natural waters have a special feeling for the osprey. These places are wonderful, and this unique bird symbolizes the spirit of these places. Osprey may be found along coastal waters, forested lakes or mountain rivers.

For a grim period of our history, we were contaminating these places with deadly chemicals. The osprey population, like the canary in the coal mine, indicated not only doom for itself, but danger for us. Luckily, we made corrections in the nick of time, and the ospreys are coming back.

I have tried to capture the return of fertility by showing the family with a fierce, almost defiant demeanour. The true personality of a particular species’ expression is something I try very hard to capture. Each family, and even genus of birds, has a particular look. Unfortunately, the osprey, which is in the group all its own, has a slightly wild, demented look like, say, the fierce, dignified eagle. It is almost a cross between an owl and a turkey. For this reason I used the screaming expression which seems to fit the intense, forceful features.”Robert Bateman

(From the original painting The Osprey Family, 1980, 24″ x 36″ Oil on Board)

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