Wildebeest and Egrets – Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print by Robert Bateman


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Wildebeest and Egrets
Robert Bateman Hand Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print 27″ x 48″

Edition Size: 180

“The Serengeti is still the most spectacular place in the world to see thousands of large animals in a very diverse ecosystem, living as they have done since long before the beginning of human history. In Antarctica one can see hundreds of thousands of penguins in one area. And in Northern Canada, one can experience millions of mosquitos. But the Serengeti herds and their accompanying host of predators and scavengers remains the champion.

However, a huge threat hangs over this unique heritage – a major road is proposed to cut through the great migration route, which the wildebeeste, zebra and others follow every year. This road is for commercial traffic but it will open up remote areas to human interference, especially the bush meat trade. I saw this scene on my last visit. Of course, the powerful dark and light shapes caught my eye instantly and because of my admiration for the abstract art of Franz Kline, I saw the potential for a painting immediately.” ~ Robert Bateman

(From the original painting Wildebeest and Egrets – 2011 – 24″ x 48″ Oil)

PLEASE NOTE – canvas is shipped rolled & unstretched.

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